viernes, 5 de junio de 2015

TFS - Moving to a new server (not conventional way)

Hi there,

On my current project we have the necessity to do a server migration because the OS unit can't extend and all the time we are getting the out of space error.

We plan the migration moving the C unit (OS + TFS) and the F one (Databases) to the new server.
Of course TFS wasn't working so we started with the configurations.
The post title is "not conventional way" because we didn't use the TFS installation wizzard. Get it will demand us a lot of time and in the meanwhile the team was working blind. We had to do something and quick.
We have followed the next steps as a recipe:
  • Reconfigure reporting section: We have logged in into the new server with administrator credentials and use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager. Is very important to modify the database connection and the report urls. For more information you can go to msdn.
  • TFS configuration database remapping (Tfs_Configuration). For this we are going to need a TFS tool known as TfsConfig. You can find it under %programfiles%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Tools folder (this can change according TFS version). First of all we have to close the TFS Administration console and then run the following commands:
TFSConfig RemapDBs /DatabaseName:[Server];TFS_Configuration /SQLInstances:[Server] /continue
TfsConfig RegisterDB /SQLInstance:[Server] /DatabaseName:TFS_Configuration
        Replace [Server] with you server's name.
  • TFS re configuration: Enter TFS administration console and start the collection again. Modify the app urls (application tier option) and the reports / jobs information (under reports section)
  • Modify cache folder: You can use this link. Basically you have to change it ont the application tier web.config file.


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